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What’s so great about a cloud-based VOIP phone system?

Have you been wondering how a cloud-based VOIP phone system could benefit your business? Here are some of the biggest advantages…


Make and receive calls anywhere there’s an internet connection. This means your phone system can travel with you, anywhere you go. You can also route calls to your employees easily, and change call routes at your convenience. This is one way smaller businesses can simulate the performance of a larger company.


Since your phone is not tied to any location, you can choose any available area code for your phone number. You even have the option to pick a phone number and area code specific to every region your company serves, so your customers always perceive you as local.


You can cut your costs by 60-80% with a VOIP phone system. One of the biggest advantages is that you can reduce or eliminate phone lines that you’d normally be paying your phone carrier for on a per-line basis. What’s not to love about saving money?


You can get started immediately. Don’t wait for a busy telecom provider to send you into voicemail limbo. When you work with us, you can set up your account online and your phones will arrive preconfigured and ready to ring.

Did you know? Gone are the days when VOIP phone systems had inferior sound quality to a landline. Today, the sound quality is indistinguishable.

Maybe it’s time you moved your phone system to a VOIP provider.
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