What Do We Actually Do?

Worried Face

Technology Support for Bay Area Businesses

Having been in the IT industry for a while, we’re pretty accustomed to getting “the look” when we tell non-techies what we do. You know what we mean.  It can range from a quizzical squint of the eyes, to a complete glazing over, to a wild casting about for something else (anything else!) to discuss. The fact is, most non-techies usually hate to talk about technology.

That said, within the techie community, our work is pretty nuts-and-bolts. In fact, Bay Area techie/hacker/geekie types roll their eyes, since they’re usually equipped to solve their own … Continue Reading →

For Startups on the Move


We recently had an engaging conversation with David Bergeron of T3 Advisors. They are doing some really innovative work in the real estate sector, with a special focus on helping startups find and procure the right office space. With ten years’ experience under their belt, they’ve got a lot to bring to the table behalf of their clients. And, well-negotiated lease terms can sometimes determine whether your business sinks or swims.

The idea behind T3′s approach to working with startups is that your average startup has unique needs that distinguish it from other businesses. Flexibility is one major factor, … Continue Reading →

Had It With Comcast?

Comcast Yelp Reviews

If you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of having to wait for Comcast to restore your internet service, then you’ve truly seen the bowels of purgatory. Well, misery loves company, so take solace in the fact that you’re part of large and not-so-exclusive club.

Check out Comcast’s Yelp reviews (or AT&T’s, for that matter), for an afternoon of hilarious reading. It is hard to believe that one company could accumulate so many one-star reviews. Read enough of them and you start to feel sorry for Comcast…but not really.

Alternative to Comcast

When Bay Area small business owners call us … Continue Reading →

Local Learning Opportunities

Upcoming Classes and Workshops for Small Biz Entrepreneurs

Not getting out enough these days? Tired of stewing in your own juices? There’s no excuse with so many great local workshops, events and classes coming up. Here are just a few that are on our radar screen.

1. We have always loved the vibe at SF coworking location NextSpace. One of their upcoming events, the Memorable Networking Event, sounds especially intriguing. Who doesn’t want to improve their ability recall information, after all?

NextSpace Memorable Networking EventLearn how to maximize retention through memory training! NextSpace member and Change with Purpose coach … Continue Reading →

Is Cloud Computing the Right Choice?

To Cloud or Not to Cloud…

Still trying to get your head around cloud computing? Doubtful about whether your business is a good candidate for the cloud? All this month, TechSoup.org will be hosting a Cloud Computing Worldwide Campaign, including blog articles, webinars, and global dispatches about the cloud.

TechSoup.org is generally geared toward the unique technology needs of nonprofits, but there’s plenty of information being discussed that’s relevant to small and mid-sized businesses.

In particular, we appreciated some of the points made in the article Cloud is Not a Technology Decision, by Richard Cooper of Charity Technology Trust in … Continue Reading →

Up Close and Personal: LimeTech Alameda

LimeTech Headquarters

We thought we’d take a moment to share some photos from around our LimeTech main office in Alameda. While some folks may consider us their virtual IT department, we are by no means just a virtual company. We drink real coffee, sit in actual office chairs, and even hang out at a water cooler. Keep watching this blog to find out when we’ll be hosting our next real community mixer…we’d love to have you drop by.

We’ll also try posting some shots from the space we work out of in SF, in the near future.

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Find Out What’s Slowing Down Your Mac

You’re Wondering Why Your Mac is Slow?

If your Mac has been acting lethargic lately and you’re tired of watching little spinning beach balls, you might have maxed out your computer’s storage space. Don’t slap your monitor! There are other solutions, and hope is in sight…

While you’re always welcome to call us for tech support, you might also try taking things into your own hands. Try running a scan on your computer with Disk Inventory X, a simple, free program for Mac OSX users. Disk Inventory X is available for download from CNet or the Disk Inventory X website.… Continue Reading →

Report Back from WordCamp SF 2011

I’m finally just now getting a chance to report back from this week’s WordPress WordCamp conference in San Francisco. I attended the final day of the three-day event, which included the annual State-of-the-Word presentation by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. You can read all about him here on his own website.

Matt presented a few welcome announcements for the WordPress.org user community, including the fact that WP plugins not updated in the last 2 years will no longer show up in search returns in the WP repository. So, finding the perfect plugin should become a whole lot easier for many folks.… Continue Reading →

MS Exchange or Google Apps for Your Business?

Small businesses are popping up everywhere. Even in this economy, the office space in the SoMa (South of Market) area in San Francisco is dwindling. Which makes me think that there is a need for reviews on email platforms. If you’re going to start a business of any size, it’s going to need an email service. Since email is a backbone service, it would be appropriate to assume that we want email, and everything assumed to go with it like calendaring, contacts, tasks, etc, to be available on every device we own. It’s almost unacceptable for a device these days … Continue Reading →

What Your Current IT Provider Won’t Tell You

At LimeTech we like to think we’re ahead of the curve in IT architecture and planning. No one wants to live in the past, after all. But, old technology doesn’t get us or the businesses we serve anywhere! Here’s our angle: we don’t want to waste our clients’ time and hard-earned money just maintaining outdated, unreliable infrastructure.

Sure, for some companies the status quo may feel like the easiest path. Their current techie might even be encouraging this mindset. However, businesses who shy away from innovation can pay the price in down-time and billable service hours. Of course, your average … Continue Reading →