LimeTech Areas of Expertise

Here are some of the areas where our IT expertise really shines…


Strategic planning and infrastructure development

In other words, you’re here and you want to be there. How do you scale up without jeopardizing your current systems? Our team can help you map out a plan, source the software or equipment, and scale things up on schedule.

We have deep experience working in entrepreneurial environments, and when you work with us, you benefit from our years in the trenches. The approach we take is more holistic and pre-emptive than crisis management or mere troubleshooting. In fact, we like to think that our advantage is that we know how entrepreneurs think and we can apply business-friendly IT solutions well in advance of when the growth pains begin. 

Project-related support, as in data migrations, cloud computing integration, and web development projects

Maybe you want to move to a new email provider, or you’re ready to embrace a file-sharing solution, and you just want somebody to execute things, without any drama. This is a great example where a LimeTech IT consultant can help…often in a fraction of the time it would take an in-house team. We’ve worked with enough startups and high tech companies that we’re comfortable moving fast and not breaking stuff.

Tech support services on a weekly or monthly basis

If your staff is struggling with computer or network performance, but you’re not ready to establish your own IT department, you could work with LimeTech under a retainer agreement for a set number of hours and/or days per month. These kind of services can be scaled up or down, easily.

When you work with LimeTech, you’re tapping into the cumulative experience of our whole team. We treat our clients as partners in business, and we do this by aligning our IT methods with your business goals, every step along the way.

Flexible contracts

One of the big benefits of choosing LimeTech is that you can work with us on a flexible basis. In other words, you can hire our team for project-related work and then keep us under contract for a specific number of hours per month, allowing you to be confident that your IT operations are monitored and supported on a consistent basis. Later, if you find there’s less need for service or conversely, your business is scaling up rapidly, you have the option to adjust your contract so the terms reflect your business goals.

So, are you struggling with intractable problems with your phone systems? Are you preparing to grow your company to meet demand? 

Get in touch with us for a free consultation, and learn more about how you can benefit from our deep experience helping businesses like yours.

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