So grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the SF Ruby Meetup / Rails Outreach for Women this Saturday at the Twitter headquarters. These events have been taking place every month or so, and were created to improve the diversity of the Ruby on Rails programming community. The hosts and volunteer teachers were incredibly open and supportive; I was confounded that so many interesting people were forfeiting their Saturday (one with gorgeous weather, none the less) just to teach back to some total strangers.

After sweating a little at the install-fest on Friday, I was relieved to be placed in a group with other newbies to the programming experience. We covered the length and breadth of core computing concepts, made friends with our Terminals, dined on a delicious lunch from Whole Foods, played with objects, methods and arguments, and launched our own mini web-apps by the end of the day. I was lucky to meet several Ruby developers who shared their enthusiasm for their work and encouraged me to keep exploring the field. I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

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