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Tech Support for Mac, PC and Linux

Have you been searching far and wide for an IT provider fluent in Mac, PC/Windows and Linux?

Is your team struggling with compatibility issues?

It’s not everyday you can find techies who are comfortable across all major operating systems. At LimeTech, we believe in freedom of choice, and it’s our job to be familiar with the technology you’ve chosen.

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We know how it is in many companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. While the accounting department might prefer Windows, those artsy marketing guys are in love with their Macs. As the Director or Chief of Operations, you just want to make sure everyone can communicate and share files with some kind of consistency.

That’s where our team can come in to help.

If you’re struggling with compatibility, concerned about file-sharing issues, or your current IT Manager is just not comfortable troubleshooting more than one kind of operating system, give us a call. Since we’re familiar with Mac, PC and Linux, we can compare prices and recommend custom solutions based on a whole breadth of options.

Or, we can just give you the old-fashioned, one-stop-shop IT support experience you’ve been waiting for. After all, we’ve been in the business since well before our official founding in 2005.

LimeTech Solutions has been an integral part of our company’s growth by providing cost-effective solutions, flexibility in our architecture, and above all else, fast and professional service.  –Brian Damiani CFP(c) Owner, Wealth Management Associates

You can also learn more about our company here.

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Get in touch, and we’ll get your team back to work in no time…

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Serving the communities of San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro, Emeryville, Berkeley, and Pleasanton.

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