LimeTech Custom IT Service Plans

LimeTech Custom IT Service Plans

Clients who come to us are usually trying to solve a combination of challenges. On the broadest level, they are probably looking for reliable IT support that doesn’t break the bank. They also may have a more immediate concern in mind, such as an unreliable server or needing to set up some workstations for a set of new hires.

From our end, we are eager to address the most pressing IT challenges as quickly as possible, but we are also careful not to jump into doing quick fixes without understanding the underlying infrastructure. So for this reason, we try to follow a process when we begin working with a new client.

Getting to Know You

For starters, we usually have a quick conversation with our prospective client on the telephone. We’ll discuss some of their immediate needs and determine whether the client is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, if they are looking for onsite service.

At this point, we’ll try to set up an appointment to visit the location and have a discuss with the Operations Manager (or in the case of smaller companies, the Director, Founder or CEO). We’ll discuss the parameters of the current IT environment, the current IT challenges, and perhaps some of the business goals. We’ll probably take some notes about the number of workstations, the size and age of the network, and the most common IT challenges.

It is important for us to understand the technology background of the team we’ll be working with. If the prospective client is looking for high tech  startup IT services  we can usually make certain assumptions about the technical proficiency of the staff. In the case of many small businesses or nonprofits, the needs are a little different, since the staff are less inclined to solve their own IT challenges.

IT Proposal Process

After this point, we draft a proposal for a custom IT service plan that matches the exact needs described in our recent meeting. This plan could include a range of IT services such as prescheduled onsite support, IT strategy planning meetings, remote log-in support, and cloud computing services such as cloud file sharing and Microsoft cloud hosted Exchange.

IT Services for Smaller Businesses

For clients looking for small business IT services, the custom plan might include just a few hours of support per month, or in some cases, just the option for hourly as-needed service. Whatever the case, we work hard to be sure our strategy matches the needs of the client exactly.

IT Contract and Service Level Agreement

Finally, for the client opting with our proposed service plan, we provide a detailed contract that outlines our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and describes the agreed-upon terms. It is very important to us that no client feels locked into an unsuitable agreement, so we meet with each client on a quarterly basis to adjust the terms, if necessary.

Important note: when you work with LimeTech, there is no penalty for canceling your contract (with 30 days minimum notice). Most IT service providers require one or two-year contracts with a heavy penalty for early cancellation. We are more concerned that we’re a good match with your needs and expectations. Since business changes fast, we believe it is our job to stay agile and responsive, and this means scaling our service up or down, depending on our client’s business strategy.

Does this process sound like a good match for what you’re trying to achieve?

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