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Imagine if you could access your files and documents anywhere there’s an internet connection. What would that mean for you and your work? In a word, liberation.

Cloud File Sharing

icon_share  Access Your Files From Anywhere

With your files in the cloud, you can experience the freedom of being able to work from anywhere. This includes Cape Cod, Aruba or on a wifi-enabled airplane. This kind of unprecedented accessibility enables you to update your files from any computer or smartphone, including your iPhone, iPad, or Android. You can also choose to work on your files locally, then sync with the version in the cloud.

Easy Collaboration

It doesn’t stop there. LimeTech Cloud File Sharing enables you to collaborate seamlessly. No more struggling with FTP access or relying on third-party services like Google Docs. Instead, you invite team members to access and collaborate on files you want to share, according to privileges you designate. Just don’t do this while driving.

Quick Setup

The tools you need to achieve this kind of flexibility are easily installed and implemented with almost no learning curve at all. If you sign up for LimeTech Cloud File Sharing, you can feel confident you’ve got a team of experts to support you, should any questions arise.

Now, you thought all the buzz about cloud computing was just hype, right? Maybe you’ll change your mind, now that you see how it gives you power, flexibility and access in ways you never imagined.

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