Google Glass PictureWe all know how to spot a driver who’s texting or chatting on a cell phone. There’s the swervy steering wheel action, the slow stops, the seeming obliviousness to all surroundings.

But, do you know how to spot a driver who’s texting while wearing Google Glass?¬†According to a recent study by the University of Central Florida, the Google Glass driver is just as distracted as the drivers texting on their cell phones.

UCF Researcher Ben Sawyer tested forty subjects in their twenties. Using a simulator, he wanted to determine if drivers sending texts with Google Glass devices were just as impeded as those sending texts with their traditional cell phones. The results of his test found that the two groups of drivers had the same slow reaction times, though Google Glass users were able to recover more quickly from a rapid braking event.

The National Safety Council has warned us for a long time that cell phone use of any kind (even hands-free cell use) can be dangerous. According to their website, drivers using cell phones are four times as likely to be in a crash as drivers not engaged with devices. And even more alarming, drivers using cell phones miss up to 50 percent of the roadway environment. It seems that for now, the same risks probably apply to Google Glass users.

Despite the hype, it seems Google Glass does not yet provide a safe driving alternative. For now, you’re best just pulling off the road when you need to text, chat, or call yo’ mama.

Flickr Photo Credit: Royal Opera House Covent Garden

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