LimeTech Case Study: ZAS International

This Bay Area international import/export agency specializes in the allocation, shipping, and sale of canned food and bottled beverages. ZAS needed an expert to help upgrade the company’s systems, and to oversee general IT issues on a day-to-day basis.


The Scenario
The director of ZAS was looking for a responsible IT company that would be available, flexible, and most importantly, responsive. Just as importantly, they needed an IT team that could work without constant oversight, as management was frequently out of town on business trips, and unavailable for questions and advice. Finally, ZAS was interested in improving its online presence, and needed assistance with website creation and design work. All of this work needed to be accomplished during off-hours, without interrupting daily business operations.

The Solution
Through conversations with ZAS management, LimeTech quickly identified some areas of concern, including the need to synchronize and consolidate ZAS’ backup operations. The company initially had six users with twelve PCs and three HP laserjet printers. Individual users were using extraneous PCs for backup operations. After documenting ZAS’ goals and objectives, and conveying LimeTech’s observations of the environment, LimeTech commenced the job. The first task was to consolidate the number of desktops to a core number of six PC’s, and create a server to host all backup operations in one location. LimeTech also automated all backup processes to run after-hours, and centralized all information in the local server.

Each ZAS printer was also connected to an individual PC, limiting users’ access and the number of jobs that could be printed at any given time. ZAS management was looking for a solution that would provide greater fluidity, and allow users to access any printer, on an as-needed basis. We were working with a limited budget, so rather than purchase and install an expensive new network printer, we decided to work with existing equipment. LTS located and installed a print server, which would allow users to allocate print jobs to any printer, a solution which saved ZAS several hundred dollars in expenses.

LimeTech upgraded ZAS’ software applications, to improve overall efficiency levels. We initiated Microsoft Server and Office upgrades, unified the email applications, and maintained Windows updates and virus protection. LTS also created a wireless connection to extend the office network to onsite laptop and PDA equipment, allowing for greater work-time flexibility. Finally we oversaw regular maintenance of MSN Messenger with web-cam devices, to facilitate international business negotiations.

To improve ZAS’ internet presence, LimeTech worked with ZAS management to define the company’s visual identity and craft unified website content. LimeTech then contacted a website design affiliate, communicated the ZAS management’s objectives, and oversaw the completion of the company’s new corporate website,

LimeTech Solutions and ZAS International are pleased with their enduring partnership. Today, LimeTech continues to facilitate ZAS’ international operations by administering to their ongoing technical needs.