LimeTech Case Study: Quick Linq Communications

It’s tough to gain an edge in the competitive cellular phone retail industry; capturing a local market can be even more challenging. This is a study of how LimeTech Solutions helped Quick Linq Communications, a growing cell phone retail business, leverage technology to strengthen internally, grow rapidly, and eventually dominate the region.

The Scenario

In early 2005, Quick Linq Communications had seven retail locations. As sales increased and the company earned a local reputation for outstanding customer service and unbeatable prices, they began to look toward expanding their operations. Simultaneously, Director Alex Alqawasmy was searching for ways to leverage technology to centralize their information systems and track business transactions from the company headquarters.

In May, 2005 LimeTech was contracted by Quick Linq Communications to strategize and implement a broad-reaching technology solution that would allow the company to upgrade, centralize, and integrate their systems in the midst of a major-growth phase. Time was of the essence, as Quick Linq needed a system that could be up and running within a few months, in time for the grand opening of ten new stores, and in sync with the build of nearby MetroPCS cell phone towers. The solution had to be scalable, to position the company for future growth, and cost-effective enough not to drain financial resources during this potentially vulnerable phase of development.

The Strategy

LimeTech began with a needs assessment process. Working closely with Quick Linq executives, LimeTech Director Ihssan Abukhalaf documented the current workflow and helped define an infrastructure plan that would enable the business to move seamlessly through the upcoming expansion period. The Quick Linq management was particularly concerned with the development of an integrated Point-of-Sale system that would guarantee reliable business transactions, and an accessible web-based system that would document cell phone activations and generate customizable sales reports.


After a thorough analysis and price comparison of retail business resources, LimeTech Solutions located a reliable POS system that was easy to install and user-friendly enough to quickly train the company’s 30+ employees. Meanwhile, using its business contacts with a well-known hardware vendor, LimeTech successfully negotiated the purchase of 20+ workstations at almost fifty percent of the standard retail cost.

As the new equipment was being integrated into existing store locations, LimeTech Solutions created a web-based PHP administration system for tracking phone activations and generating sales reports. This new system allowed executives to do real-time tracking of all Quick Linq business transactions, remotely, from their own laptops.

Tech Support

With such a quick development timeline, LimeTech anticipated tech support challenges. Quick Linq stores were spread out over more than 100 square miles, and driving to each location was prohibitively time-consuming. With this in mind, LimeTech installed Log-Me-In software, enabling the LimeTech consultant, and ultimately a Quick Linq employee, to do remote tech support for any one of its retail locations, without leaving the company headquarters. Meanwhile, LimeTech conducted training sessions to familiarize Quick Linq management and employees with the new systems.

Growth Phase

With a secure base of integrated technology systems now in existence, LimeTech was firmly positioned to assist Quick Linq with the establishment of its ten new retail locations. Within a two week period of time, LimeTech installed and wired the internet connections for multiple workstations and POS systems for each new location, enabling business operations to be up and running smoothly, often within a twenty-four hour window of time.


Today, with an integrated base of technology operations, Quick Linq Communications continues its expansion efforts, with profit margins rising at an impressive rate. Thanks to LimeTech Solutions’ technical development and dedicated training efforts, Quick Linq now manages its own tech support, and successfully monitors its increasing sales, securing its position as a major player in the cellular phone retail market.