LimeTech Case Study: Palm Air Travel

This busy San Francisco travel agency needed to upgrade and network their technology infrastructure, to improve the speed and performance of the customer reservation experience. Initially, they had only two computers connected via modem to access the internet, with a small on-site reservation server, and were struggling to meet customer demand.

The Scenario

Palm Air had plans to hire three new employees, and in doing so, add three more computers. A network also was needed so those desktops could share information with the existing ones. In addition, the Palm Air owner wanted to develop a secure, integrated web-based reservation system that would allow for seamless, multi-user access to ticket booking information. Furthermore, downtime was not an option: they needed the work accomplished within a two-week window of time, without affecting day-to-day business operations.

The Solution

After meeting with the owner of Palm Air Travel, we strategized a scalable network solution that would accommodate their busy schedule and growing booking demands. Palm Air’s main challenge came from a need to improve the exchange of information within the agency, so we started by focusing on a solution that would centralize Palm Air Travel’s data systems, allowing all employees to share files and collaborate on projects.


To improve the speed of communications and transactions, we ordered and installed a high-speed internet connection and a new web-based email system, allowing for real-time access to the internet and all online systems.


New hardware was needed, so LimeTech started with a price-comparison, and identified a vendor who could deliver quickly, at the best possible rate. When the new computers and an airline ticketing printer arrived, we installed and networked them to a Microsoft 2000 Server. Then, at the request of Palm Air management, we replaced the existing in-house reservation system with a recommended web-based system (Amadeus).


Like many modern businesses, this travel agency depended on online transactions for sales and cash flow. The life of this business required good security and a reliable internet connection, so we installed a powerful firewall to protect the company’s network from intruders, and configured a VPN connection to Amadeus’ secure online reservation site.


Two weeks from our assignment date, the work was accomplished, mostly at night when the business was closed. Now, all Palm Air Travel employees can simultaneously book reservations and share files, and the business is successfully meeting a growing customer demand.